Tree Inspections

A tree inspection differs from a tree survey. Generally a tree inspection is concerned  with its current condition. Specifically visible root systems, poor leaf cover, unbalanced (Extensive growth to one side). A tree inspection can be carried out visibly, assessing and inspecting the trees overall co_02A6703Andition. Done in the presence of the client, without the necessity for written documentation. A verbal report being what it is, does not take as much time to compile and therefore those not incur as much cost.

Depending on a Trees species, maturity or situation trees can have the ability to withstand large amounts of damage, either caused through the actions of man or nature and yet still survive. Yet there is a huge difference between a healthy tree and a healthy looking tree. If a tree is in poor condition it is a far more susceptible to wind damage. If for example a tree is damaged during construction, the symptoms of such damage may not show for anywhere up to 2-4 years. When this damage finally becomes apparent it is generally too late to rectify the problem(s). Trees although generally resistant and adaptable, can easily be damaged or killed.P1010609 Cause and effect of tree failures generally occurs over a long period, as such an untrained person can misinterpret or indeed be completely unaware of a trees condition until its demise. Generally speaking, Broadleaf trees die from the top down, and not the bottom up. As trees mature it is advisable to undertake a tree inspection. In particular tree inspections are vital if these trees are roadside adjacent and obviously if they are a threat to your neighbours.

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