Padraig Farren is a professional member of the International Society of Aboriculture, with over 35 years of experience in the tree care industry. From felling and planting, to expert inspection. He is considered an expert in his field. An expert who can provide you the client with detailed reports, surveys and recommendations for all your aboricultural needs.
In legal matters, the testimony of expert witnesses is often used to establish the standard of care. Tree Survey/Reports can be an invaluable tool to identify and reduce failure potential. As well as determine the cause of past failures. BigDog Tree Consultancy is the organisation that can help you not only protect yourself & your property, but also to assist and aid your legal representative.
With litigation and legal disputes more common than ever, Padraig Farren's services as a tree professional have increasingly been used to help resolve the varied  issues that can arise due to the complex growing habits of such a large plant

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Our Services

  • Tree surveys compliant with BS: 5837
  • Tree Hazard Surveys
  • Tree Health and Condition Surveys
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Individual Tree Reports
  • Road and Street Tree Surveys
  • Planning Applications
  • Tree Surgery Work Plans and Supervision 
  • Professional Tree Surgery Advice
  • Professional Representation
  • Independent Advice